What is the geografic exploration? Editar

Was an activity done with the purpose of discovering new lands, territory, new trade routes for economical,political and religious purposes.

The importance that the tools used had Editar

Compass: This wasa useful tool to navigate commonly used by merchants and all kind of people.
Caravel: Its a sailboat this was the best ship invented at the XIV century was used by merchants and cartographs as a way of trnsport.
Astrolabel: An astrolable is a tool used by navigator in XIV century to determinate posicion an the hour.

Characteristics of the cartography in th XIV cetury Editar

  • Was using very basic tools
  • Was a sucessful career becuase ofthe discovery of America
  • Had many advances during this century
  • The maps were done in large periods of time
  • Were done by one person
  • Travel all around the land they were drawing

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