Economic consequences:

- Many Americans crops adapt to Europe (potatoes, corn or tomatoes).

- Trade multiply and grow this makes ports, cities and monarchies.

- Strengthening the European bourgeoisie.

social consequences:

- Death of thousands of Europeans in the wars of conquest of America.

- Social rise of the bourgeoisie.

political consequences:

- Arise European empires (Spanish, Portuguese, English, French or Dutch)

- Wars between powers are increased by US wealth.

- Proliferate pirates and privateers.

cultural consequences:

- The geographical, astronomical, ethnological know, botanical, zoological, minerológico, etc. increases.

- Blooming letters and arts in Spain, Portugal, England, Frances and other powers.


economic consequences for America

-the introduction of new crops adapted to the American climate.

-the stell of gold

-america became a poor countinent

social consequences

-Mortality massive indigenous

-the introduction of two new races

-Cross massive racial

Creation of a new social class

-increased slavery

political consequences

-occurs the fall of the pre-Columbian empires

-the Indians of the most inaccessible areas beyond this process and resist conquest

cultural consequences

-the European culture is introduced in all areas of life

-The Indian culture is relegated in religious or linguistic fields.